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Types of e cigarettes

If you are cigarette smoker, then transitioning to e cigarettes is something you need to do. An e cig is considerably a healthier alternative to getting that nicotine fix than puffing on a tobacco cigarette. An electronic cigarette is a device designed to provide a smoker with the nicotine they require minus the harmful elements like tar found in tobacco cigarettes. Basically, an e cigarette works by heating up a liquid version of nicotine releasing a nicotine vapor. The great thing about this device is that you can even customize the whole smoking experience by going for different flavors as per your taste.

Over the recent years, advancement in e cig development has led to the rise of different e cig types. As such, one is able to choose amongst the different e cig models for a bespoke vaping experience. Let’s have a look at the different types of e cigarettes available.

The mini e cig

The mini e cig is the best option for anyone transitioning from tobacco cigarettes to this advanced option. The mini looks like the standard cigarette; only that it is a device. It is light, small and gives an almost impeccable smoking experience. The minis are widely available and can be found as both reusable and disposable. Basically, there are many e cig brands and each brand offers its own experience. This e cig option is ideal for the light to moderate smoker and is the cheapest option to get started on e cig vaping.

The mid-size e cig

If you are a serious smoker or vaper, then the mid-size e cig is what you need to go for. Though relatively smaller (but larger than the mini), the mid-size e cig provides a more powerful fix of nicotine. However, the mid-size, unlike the mini which can either be automatic or manual, is fully manual. You have to press a button to activate it. Despite that fact, the mid-size lets you have more control and offers a stronger vapor than the smaller version.

Advanced Personal Vaporizers

For the ultimate vaping experience, the APV is the e cig version to go for. Of all e cigarettes, the APV is much large and packs a cylindrical design and comes with a prepackaged battery pack. It has a different approach unlike the other two devices. The APV has a different tank style, uses an integral liquid feed, provides digital readouts, and offers electronic control and such. As such, the APV e cig is considerably the best option for any serious smoker looking for a stronger nicotine fix. Its advanced functions make it easy to fully customize your vaping experience.